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Unraveling Threads, Crafting Strength

Your renewed Story

You built your life according to "their" rules

Then everything unraveled when you dared to question those rules.

​​Now you're ready to rebuild your life. I'm here to help you do that.

Hello! Melissa Here....

Skin care formulator, EFT practitioner, mother, and aspiring fairy godmother.

I have lived a life full of crazy ups and downs, and learned from experience how to rebuild when your life unravels. Chronic illness, divorce, single motherhood, faith deconstruction, changing worldviews, I've lived them all, and I've developed a vast set of skill for surviving, rebuilding, and thriving.

I have been making gorgeous, indulgent natural skincare products for over a decade. I coach women (and a few select men) in how to organize and strategize in their business. And I work with survivors of abuse and trauma to release the old wounds and build a life filled with joy and peace.

I adore my work, and love seeing my clients thrive. Read on to see how I can help you.

3 Keys to Rebuilding Your Life




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Your world fell apart because it had been built on bad information. You were taught things about yourself and who you could be that simply weren't true. The first step to rebuilding is learn what went wrong, and what to do differently this time.

Follow my blog to learn new truths about creating your own life and how to use spiritual guidance to design the life you want.

Part of rebuilding your life is indulging in radical self care. You might have been taught to deny yourself pleasure, and that indulgence was wrong. Tune into your body, and treat yourself to luxurious, quality, skincare routines.

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Rebuilding your life requires new skills, and learning new skills is hard. Especially when you're working against a lifetime of habits, stories, and difficult circumstances. That's why it's crucial to have support and guidance for the process.

Work one-on-one with me to design your solid, secure, joy filled life.