Unraveling Threads, Crafting Strength:

Your Renewed Story

EFT Tapping

with Melissa

Have you found safety and stability, yet a lingering sense of unhappiness persists?

While life has improved, it's not uncommon for survivors, upon reaching a point of safety, to confront a new wave of sadness, fatigue, fear, and an overall mucky blah feeling. It seems unfair, doesn't it?

Until now, your focus was on surviving the immediate challenges, leaving little room to address the underlying trauma and pain. You fought for your life, and now, with your feet back on solid ground, the weight of deep fatigue sets in—battle scars, drained, and traumatized.

I understand the frustration of wanting to move forward, yet the wounds need tending. The key lies in an inward journey, a time to delve into the profound healing your soul craves. Progress isn't limited; reaching a safe space doesn't mark the end of your potential. However, the tools that brought you here won't carry you further. It's time for a new set of tools to transition from surviving to thriving.

To achieve this, start by looking within, initiating the healing process for your heart, unlearning limiting beliefs, and reaffirming your spirit. This inward journey paves the way for embracing the dreams your spirit whispers to you.

Let me help you rebuild your life

Individual EFT session $125

90min EFT session via zoom

4 Session Package

4 60min sessions $300

6 month mentorship

A 90 min session is perfect for you if:
~ You have an upcoming appointment and want to approach it with a clear head
~ Your to-do list has snowballed and your overwhelmed and just need help clearing your head and making a game plan
~ The full moon has all your emotions turned up to level 10 and you need help processing and releasing them
~ You desperately need someone to hold space for you, but you are physically or emotionally unable to commit to more than one session right now

~You are new to EFT and want to see if it is a good fit for you

Multiple sessions will allow to gently pull back the layers of your trauma and pain and provide a deeper level of healing.

This option is perfect for you if:
~You want to try EFT for the first time to see if it's a good fit for you
~You have a voice constantly buzzing in your mind that keeps you from building your dream life
~You keep responding to situations in a way that you KNOW is a trauma response, but you can't seem to shift it
~You keep replaying a painful memory, and you can't move on from it no matter how much you want to

When you have endured deep, prolonged trauma, healing takes time. When I work with survivors of abuse and trauma we take a gentle and methodical approach to the healing process. We are so conditioned to try to rush things in this life, and survivors often end up retraumatized and wounded by healing modalities that force them to face painful past events before they're ready.

In my programs we begin by regulating the nervous system and learning energetic tools to calm your nervous system when it becomes triggered by stress. This process alone makes a significant difference in the day-to-day life of my clients. Imagine going through your life feeling like an exposed nerve, and then finally feeling a sense of peace and calm in your world. Once we have brough some regulation to the nervous system and my client has learned tools to handle triggering events, then we begin the methodical process of gently releasing past traumas. While gentle, the results of this method are often astonishing. It's amazing how well the mind and body can heal when it feels safe.

This mentorship program includes:
~12 60min mentorship calls (2 per month)
~access to my entire toolset including EFT, time management, goal setting, planning, and coaching
~continued support between calls via email and voxer (voice messaging app)

**Due to the deep nature of this work, you must book a free consultation prior to beginning the 6 month mentorship to confirm that it is the right fit for you and that we are a good fit for each other.

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